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On the dial side are the three golden bridges. The first bridge holds the barrel in place; the second bridge carries the center wheel and the last bridge carries the escapement, in this case,Tudor Replica Watches the tourbillon. Constant Girard's three-bridge movement is designed with a sense of logic. The linear layout of the gear train on the La Esmeralda Tourbillon “A Secret” allows for more creative expression through engraved motifs.

The three bridge construction is not only a source of inspiration for Tudor Replica Watches in its classical watchmaking. Even the more avant-garde pursuits of the brand have been sparked by the three bridge movement construction. The Neo Tourbillon Skeleton with Three Bridges is a perfect example.

The three bridges, despite their atypical appearance, are still very reminiscent of the classic double-arrow-head design.

The Neo Tourbillon Skeleton with Three Bridges features a 45mm case in titanium with a convex boxed glass on the front, and another less prominent boxed boxed on the back.Patek Philippe Replica Watches The skeletonized movement inside the watch allows for a great deal of visibility.

The Neo Tourbillon Skeleton with Three Bridges is impressive, but what's most apparent is that the original genius of the design is still intact. It was conceived over a century ago. As long as Tudor Replica Watches continues drawing inspiration from the gift of its founder, it will continue creating timepieces which fascinate watch enthusiasts for many centuries to come.

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